Wuerhosaurus from Jurassic Park III: Park Builder

Wuerhosaurus was a stegosaur dinosaur that lived in the Early Cretaceous period, making it one of the last stegosaurids in existence. It grew up to 7 meters (23 ft) in length, and resembles its more famous cousin, Stegosaurus. It can be easily distinguished by its small, roundish, rectangle-shaped plates


Jurassic Park III: Park BuilderEdit

Wuerhosaurus is not mentioned in the novels or in the movies. In Jurassic Park III: Park Builder, it is nr. 65 of the Herbivore Twos.

Jurassic Park: Operation GenesisEdit

Wuerhosaurus was supposed to be one of the dinosaurs set to appear in Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis, but was cut early in the development of the game.


  • With recent studies, Wuerhosaurus's plates seemed to have been larger and a greater shape than previously thought. This makes the Wuerhosaurus in Jurassic Park III: Park Builder inaccurate.

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